Epic 90's Journey © 2018 by Dragwa Games

Dancing at a disco, conquering obstacles with a skateboard, snowball fights, cart riding in a mining complex, beach volleyball and many more attractions where you will be able to test your score against other people from all over the world. If you don’t want to engage with the game's narrative you can just play unlocked mini-games. High scores are not essential but positively influence the game’s ending and our hero’s fate. Mini-game participation rewards with happiness points regardless of the score.

  • Adventure Game & Platformer Hybrid with RPG elements

  • Challenging obstacles

  • Completing quests

  • Collecting Tazoos, their enhancement and rivalry in matches

  • Dialogue choices affecting the plot

  • Character progression

  • Boss Fight co-op

Yoyo lets you stun enemies and gather items difficult to reach.

Umbrella doubles as a weapon and a helping hand when you need to get to difficult spots.

Genre: RPG/Platformer/Adventure

Multiplayer: Co-op in Boss fights

Platforms: PC/PS4/Switch/3DS

Release Date: Q2 2019


  • The 90’s Reality & Atmosphere

  • Pixel Art

  • Touching Story

  • Day/Night System

  • Happiness & Sorrow System

  • Mini-games

  • Humorous dialogues and quests

  • Diverse worlds

Dragwa Games




Epic 90’s Journey is a game inspired by the 16-bit gaming era, nested in a fantasy twist version of the 90’s reality. It is the wonderful years we all remember from our childhood that are the background of an epic adventure telling a story of a boy who lost his memories. While making friends with a variety of subcultures you will be able to fight adversities and regain the memory of your mission. You will become a direct witness to many conspiracies including NWO, WTC, UFO, depopulation and you will be able to see the humorous take on their explanation. Cooperate with the most mysterious scientist of all time to discover how to control creatures and make them fight for you on your epic adventure!



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npc & quests


  • You can collect or win tazoos in the game. As you collect all of them you unlock additional modes and game functions.

  • Tazoos are usually located in difficult to reach or hidden places or they can be simply found in locked chests.

  • Duplicates can be exchanged with NPCs and online players in appropriate locations (something like a Pokemon transfer).

  • Not only you can exchange them but you can challenge other NPCs and players as well! Winner takes specific tazoos or previously selected resources. Tazoos can be combined into new types enabling new gameplay modifiers. Playing with tazoos resembles a Pokemon fight.